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SyntegrativeSolutionsLLC (SynSol) is a knowledge management firm specializing in integrative medicine. In addition, SynSol is a provider of shared workspace, community, and services for physicians. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Washington, DC.

SynSol has over 25 years of successful experience in starting new integrative medicine (IM) programs and turning unsuccessful programs around. As a knowledge management firm specializing in integrative medicine, SynSol knows there is no substitute for an in-depth business plan that has a thorough environmental scan with marketing data and feasibility studies that identifies and manages critical risks. Unsuccessful centers have often taken short-cuts and skipped these tried and true strategies that are required to achieve growth that is sustainable.

Most hospitals that have tried to incorporate integrative medicine into their organizations often realize that their programs were not financially viable or had not yet realized their return on investment. (RAND, 2008)

SynSol has already identified many of the challenges facing healthcare leaders when trying to incorporate IM into their systems and hones in on keys areas that can improve health, positively affect volume, income, and long-term growth.

Our expertise is leveraging consulting methods and significant industry experience to provide strategic advice for the development of integrative medical systems in order to reduce costs, mitigate risks and provide more effective treatment protocols.

We provide authoritative data and tools, research and identification of best medical practices, and peer insight to leaders in health care enterprises that aspire to incorporate integrative medicine into their communities. Our scope of experience spans business, education, and government.

SyntegrativeSolutionsLLC provides clients visibility into risks they may have missed, shows them potential choices and solutions they may not have considered, and helps them assess how their decisions and capabilities stack up against peer organizations. SynSol provides executives with benchmarks on their most important decisions and proven solutions to their biggest problems.

SyntegrativeSolutionsLLC has identified the best practice solutions to the most pressing business challenges that leading medical executives have wrestled with when attempting to incorporate IM into their institutions. We have identified those challenges, leveraged our client network–leaders from some of the most successful organizations–and discovered the strategies that produce the best outcomes.

Founded in 2008, SyntegrativeSolutionsLLC is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Our service has positively affected our nation's citizens, veterans, children, elderly, and disabled.

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